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Insurance agents in Edmonton

Edmonton is the capital of the Canadian province of Alberta. Edmonton is on the North Saskatchewan River and is the centre of the Edmonton Capital Region, which is surrounded by Alberta's central region. Edmonton is a cultural, governmental and educational centre. It hosts a year-round slate of festivals, reflected in the nickname "The Festival City".

A promise of compensation for specific potential future losses in exchange for a periodic payment. Insurance is designed to protect the financial well-being of an individual, company or other entity in the case of unexpected loss. Some forms of insurance are required by law, while others are optional. Agreeing to the terms of an insurance policy creates a contract between the insured and the insurer. In exchange for payments from the insured (called premiums), the insurer agrees to pay the policy holder a sum of money upon the occurrence of a specific event.

Types of insurance:
Auto insurance, Car insurance, Vehicle insurance, Gap insurance, Health insurance, Dental insurance,  Life insurance, Property insurance,  fire insurance, flood insurance, earthquake insurance, home insurance, Travel insurance, Insurance companies...

Access Insurance Group Ltd

4435 99 Street Northwest, Edmonton

780 435 2400

Alberta Best Protek Insurance Ltd

9126 51 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton

780 468 2065

Alberta Motor Association (AMA)

10310 G.A. MacDonald Av NW, Edmonton

780 430 5555

Armour Insurance Group Ltd

5738 75 St NW, Edmonton

780 463 8095

Berk Bilgen Insurance Ltd

10347 80 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton

780 822 6042

Bulger Insurance

Suite 232-6655 178 St NW, Edmonton

780 486 5200

Canada Brokerlink

17520 111 Avenue NW, Edmonton

780 474 8911

Corporate Insurance Services

10010 106 Street NW, Edmonton

780 990 1838

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